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GTA V release moved to 2013

The main character can see what the viewers in the short clip, looks like a more mature edition of Mr. Vercetti, who withdraw from the Mafia life and wants to live a quiet family life. The current spot looks to be in the virtual environment, which we already know from San Andreas. Those projects of the main character are destroyed because he is haunted by his dark history. Unclear yet whether the gamer must develop the star of the game by hand, or at least has limited spaces so that the player can customize the profile.

Concerning the contents seep slowly more and more rumors on's daylight. It is thought that animals may also be available from now on. Thanks to the new locations, the world is five times as huge as that of the predecessor.

News reports of the coveted Game could the fall of 2012 or the spring of 2013 in stores. All Release news on .

New hope recently made ​​the spot the upcoming Gamescom: This contains brief excerpts from the GTA trailer. This is why fans expect that the world's largest games fair other details for the game will be published by the manufacturer. Graphically to the upcoming release's new focus on an impulse. The actors seem even more sophisticated than in previous Grand Theft Auto titles. It is assumed that many more people are running around on the virtual ground. GTA V should be on known console X Box 360 and PS 3 as well as on the staff available commercially.
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